My cpu usuage goes to 100% every time i try to watch a video

Hi I am having trouble with my acer aspire 5100 laptop I used to be able to watch videos just fine but then the problem got worse and worse and now 2 minutes into any video freezes up my computer and cpu usuage goes to 100% my computer cant be reinstalled since the disks got lost and acer no longer has them to buy and the apparition got messed up so when i try to do it by tapping alt and f10 it doesnt work

please help
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  2. Flash is a notorious CPU hog, which is why you are seeing such high CPU usage numbers when playing flash videos, especially on a Turion. If you are experiencing other issues with the laptop, my advice would be to either save up for a new one or buy a copy of Windows and do a fresh install.
  3. Make sure your Flash (as well as Shockwave, Quicktime, Realplayer, etc) are all up to date and that the most current versions are installed. Buwish is right about Flash being resource (CPU) intensive. Updating these viewer/player apps will help with that issue.

    Also, make sure that you don't have unwanted apps running in the background without your knowledge, especially malware. I suggest you install, update, and scan with MalwareBytes ( - the free version) just to verify you don't have any nasties floating about.

    Good luck!
  4. Agreed. Give malwarebytes a try in safe mode just to be sure that nothing malicious is running in the background and eating up all of CPU as well.
  5. could be a codec/software issue (rouge codec not working as it should) hardware issue (overheating) or no video drivers installed (all cpu decode = high cpu load)
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