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Hey, I've recently been having some issues with the software for my Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. I switched from Windows Vista to Windows 7 about 1 week ago, and before that, I could easily use M5, M4 and M3 (the macro keys) to launch Chrome, Thunderbird and Winamp, no problems at all. And I've also been able to use them just fine, after the switch to Windows 7. But recently, they've started not launching the programs anymore. I tested the keys, and they can easily do other stuff. For example I changed the M5 to a "G" key, and it typed the "G" just fine with every press, so the keys are functional.
But for some reason, the BlackWidow software refuses to launch my programs, does anyone have a solution to this problem?

PS: I don't want to get a different keyboard, if anyone was thinking about suggesting that, I love my BlackWidow :)

EDIT: It seems like sometimes the program launches, but others it doesn't.
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  1. and you downloaded the newest drivers for windows 7?

    full install of windows 7 or upgrade install? personally i would never do an upgrade install as i've had to many issues in the past. fresh installs are always the easiest to work with imho.
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