Hey Guys, im thinking of buying the SteelSeries Sensei, I Simply LOVE the mouse, but theres a problem. I Sweat LOT From My Hands, I've felt The Mouse Before and it gives me the feeling that it will slip from my hands a lot if i sweat, since i don't know if that's true because i never had gaming experience with the mouse, my question is.. Will the mouse be uncomfortable if i sweat (btw i have razer death adder and the coating is perfect for my sweaty hands). OR Should i buy The Fnatic EDTION because it has a verry similar coating to the Death Adder?
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  1. the trouble with the rubber coating on razer products is that it will eventually wear off, is a dust magnet and gets tacky if you use anything but water or inert liquids to clean it. up to you if this is okay.

    get a desk fan to blow on your hands. sounds funny but it works. they make mini 4" fans that sit right on the tabletop.
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