Why does my dell latitude D530 have two flashing lights

I just got a laptop from my daughter in law, when you turn on the computer, the screen does not come on, I get nothing except up by the on/off button there are three lights that show up. The first one is a 9 the other two are flashing repeatedly , one is an A the other is an arrow pointing down. What does this mean?
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  1. If you get nothing on the screen the screen may have failed so the flashing LEDs aren't really an issue.

    The flashing LEDs may indicate that the battery is charging or is fully charged (unhelpfully Dell models vary as to how they display these conditions, though downloading the manual from Dell might offer a clue).

    If possible connect an external monitor, alternatively try shining a torch on the screen and see if anything is visible. Results may suggest whether the fault is with the computer, the screen or just the screen illumination.
  2. The flashing lights are the Numlock, Caps lock and Scroll lock. How many times are do they flash and are they short or long flashes. Usually when those lights are flashing a critical piece of hardware failed.

    What is the laptop Model? It should say either above the keyboard or on the bottom.

    I had a HP Laptop do the same when you turned it on those three lights would flash, the motherboard was fried had to get to replaced.
  3. probably ram not seated properly. seems common on dell d series. 1 chip on bottom under cover. 1 chip at front under keyboard. worth checking before the panic sets in.
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