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I have been coming here for quite a while now and own both an intel system and a new amd system. both run like a charm, I dont have incompatiblities, I dont have heat issues, I dont have crashes, but what i do have is about 20-30 bookmarked pages from researching the computers I build.

Everyone seems to think that the issues are with lets say, AMD, INTEL, VIA, who knows whatever you feel best putting the blame on go right ahead, but all i can say is I think Intel makes a good chip, Amd makes a good chip one may be faster than the other at this current point in time but thats bound to change back and forth. and that is all good.

I think the main problem is with people trying to slap together systems without looking into it first, buying crap components not installing them properly, or not installing the right drivers for their products. I often see a post with someone with almost identical hardware and they cant seem to get things working,

I witnessed this most recently when going over to a friends house to reclaim a hard drive that i had lent him a while ago, he was having soundcard problems. after he moved his computer the sound stopped working, so he went out and bought a new soundcard, it didnt work either. after opening up his system and taking a look i noticed that the card was only a 1/4 of the way plugged in. so i pused it in all the way and it works like new, (some people should not be building computers and should either pay someone to build them what they want or go buy an OEM system) this guy had been without sound for the past 7 months and was about to replace the mother board figuring that it was a bad slot.

anyways, instead of the pitting amd vs intel, for which has the most problems, why not just give some of these stupid people a slam in the head for just being dumb.

by the way the system with the soundcard problems was an intel system, and he was all pissed off that it sucked, now we see where the real problem was.

If you overclock an Intel Processor enough, it will turn into an AMD. True Story.
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  1. what did nobody teach the gloden rule that you always make sure every thing is connected properly before you go out and get a new card
  2. "anyways, instead of the pitting amd vs intel, for which has the most problems, why not just give some of these stupid people a slam in the head for just being dumb."

    So true, so true! I can't tell you how many times I've thought just that.
  3. Clearly some people have problems building systems, but sometime you get wierd problems that just don't make any sense. (if you want to argue that I'll give some examples) As for reliability that has more to do with the MB/chipset than the processor. Intel has historically made great chipsets (lets not get into a 815,820 arguement) and I think that's part of the difference. Their MBs are bar none when it comes to reliability. VIA still isn't as good as intel. Notice they're not as good as AMD at making chipsets either. Some athlon MBs were thrown together. Remember when the slot A ones first came out? It took forever to get support and no one put much effort into them. The very first socket A's are pretty basic too. I've got an FIC AZ11, which was the first to market. However, it's crude and obviously an engineering sample that they shiped out the door. It's got all sorts of extra crap, undocumented and unworking "features." However, It does the job and I've not had one crash that could be attributed to it. (I've not really had any crashes in 7 months)

    As for heat, PC users weren't use to it as an issue and thus there was a lot of ignorance and problems. The P4 produces more heat than the athlon so you can't claim some sort of coporate superiority when it comes to heat disipation.

    Besides, blindly favouring a corporation is stupid, products are what matter. Intel has droped behind AMD. They may catch up and surpass them or they might not. I don't care personally.
  4. All true,

    I've just finished building yet another computer for one of my mates and chose AMD for the setup. If Intel's price/performance start beating AMD I'll start building Intel machines, but until then, there's just no point going down that avenue.

    Fat Chucky
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