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Hey guys!
I want to know if its possible to use the Laptop LCD as a normal display; actually i want to connect my mid tower pc to it and use the laptops screen as a monitor. Any help is appreciated
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  1. Hello moqamar;
    Not an easy project. There is no way you can use the laptop LCD as your desktops primary display without jumping through a few hoops first.

    This is what a typical LCD screen uses for power and data signal input.

    This is what your typical desktop graphics output ports look like.

    In anycase, you've left out a LOT of important details needed to answer your question.
    Like... the laptop is still working OK, correct?

    My advice is to bite the bullet and get a desktop LCD monitor for your desktop PC.
  2. I agree with WR2. It's a serious PITA to even attempt to use a laptop lcd as a display on a desktop. You'll save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you save up and buy a new display. Check out the Dell outlet center if you are tight on cash right now, as they usually have some good deals.
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