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Hello. I have searched for an answer and either I havent found it, or its not out there. Anyways, I have a KT7 RAID running a 800 Thunderbird. I have been trying to get it overclocked to anything higher with fail. I have been able to tweak the bios to change the cpu "rated" speed in the bios. I can get it to 950 and it crashes occasionally. At 900 it crashes never. Now to the main question. I went out and searched for a .5mm 5h mechanical pencil. I found it and tried to bridge the L1 bridges. It doesnt work for me! Am I suppose to bridge anything else with the KT7 Raid board and the thunderbird 800? I heard with other motherboards you had too. Also, when I go into the bios the multiplier and others right below it are "ghosted" out. Meaning I cant change them. Is that the way its supppose to be? I understood that you would be able to change that itself and not just the "rated cpu speed" right above that. Please help with this matter. I have posted on other sites but no one sems to want to help. Tom's hardware is a great place and has never let me down so I figured I would give this forum a shot. I should have come here thx in advance
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  1. i don't have to change anything else but close the L1 bridge... the fact that your multiplier is locked means the 5h pencil isn't doing the job. when you remove the heatsink, do you see that the pencil marks are smeared or erased a bit? it might be the hestsink rubbing off the L1. naturally the hsf should touch the ceramic... but do you have a copper spacer or anything of that sort?
    if all else fails, try getting a conductive pen or get a soldering gun and solder it close. i would recomend the ladder unless you are experienced with a solder gun.

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  2. Thx for the advice. What do you mean by "copper spacer"? I dont have any spacers except for the ones sat each corner of the processor itself. I have played with the idea of getting a conductive pen. I dont know what else to do...would erasing the current markings on the bridges actually damage the bridges...? hopefully not because i may do that before I apply the conductive gun...Thx
  3. Conductive pens aren't too hard to get. I got mine for ~$10 USD. It'll work much better than the pencil. Graphite wears off after a while so your bridges may open on you and you'll be back at stock speed.
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