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I just saw some pics of AMD T-Bird processors and realized that the 1000mhz T-bird I am running is missing the 4 (foam I assume) pads at the corners of the cpu. I assume these are to distribute the load of the fan? Should I take my fan off and place something at the outer edges to support it? Any ideas what would be good? I was thinking small pieces of the regular sticky backed wether stripping. TIA.
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  1. they might burn your cpu. i suggest getting a copper spacers. they go for 5 bucks and help distribute the hsf'w weight evenly. they also help decrease heat.

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  2. if it is OK at the moment I wouldn't touch it if I were oyu ...


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  3. I don't think the pads are for distributing load on the heatsink from the CPU, but are more for shipping purposes from the manufacturer in pre-built systems that already have heatsinks installed. Those little pads are so soft and weak that reducing vibration and shock during shipping could be the only purpose of them. This will assure users that when they receive their pre-built computer that the heatsink will still be mounted on it correctly avoiding any problems with cooling.
  4. The early versions of the Tbirds came without the pads. People were crushing the edges and corner of the core when installing heatsinks. The pads were installed to make it easier to level the heatsink over the core prior to installation.
  5. Since there's conflicting replies, I'll add what I know. The spaces are to prevent the core from being crushed out my a heatsink with a strong clip. eg. thermaltake, globalwin. As long as you're not planning on reinstalling a heatsink/fan it there won't matter. If you've already done so multiple times, your clip will likely loose some of it's spring power and you may be safe. I know my globwin initially was a real bitch to get on off, but me repeatedly playing with the golden bridges has caused the clip to loose some strength. My old coolermaster was the same.
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