What monitor should I go for? IPS

Hey guys, I'm looking to do a triple monitor setup and don't know what monitor I should go for. So far I have 3 choices.

Dell Ultrasharp U2410
Price: $750 for 2(Used, Kijiji) + $430 for the third
Notes: Plus 13% tax on the third one
Final Price: 1235.90

Dell Ultrasharp U2412M
Price: $299x3 (New)
Final Price: $1013.61

Price: $199.99x3
Final Price: $677.97

What's my best bet for the prices? Or should I got with another. My uses are in order from most to least: Gaming, Web Development, Web browsing
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  1. either one of the dells i would say. buy new unless you are comfortable with used. compare the features between the two.
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