1.2G TBird Heat

Just wondering what other people are seeing with this processor. I just installed a 1.2G Athlon onto an Asus A7V133 board with proper HSF/Thermal paste, and seeing an average temperature of about 60C, without OC. Is this about what I should expect or this running hot?

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  1. 60C is way hot , what Heatsink are you using?


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  2. Damn...I had a feeling it was running too hot...I am using a CoolerMaster CB5-5G12...now that I've actually done a little research, it looks like I should get a GlobalWin or SwifTech.

    But, my other question is what kinds of temperatures are other people seeing?

  3. I run my 1.2Ghz with a GlobalWin FOP32-1 and artic silver thermal compound and I don't go higher than 48C.

    Still, I think I applied too much compound because I expected lower temp, but I'm going to run like this for a while since I find it extremely hard to remove the Heatsink clip. I tried but I can't.
  4. what does your motherboad temperature say? your case might be hot. this is a common problem. try leaving the case open and see if that's the problem.

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  5. On my A7V ver. 1.02 with Athlon 1200MHz I also get about 60°C with a case temperature of 32°C. I use a FOP32-I cooler and Arctic Silver. I have not run into any instability problems so far. Actually I wonder if this temperature really IS to hot; AMD specifies 95 degrees as maximum and the Asus probe program alarm level is at 85 degrees, which is still much higher than the measured value. Of course, the lower the better but people (including me) seem to become obcessed by their CPU temperature.
    I'm currently looking around for a dealer of the Agilent Arcticooler HACA-0001, which should be almost as good as the GlobalWin FOP38 but far less noisy. We'll see what this does...
  6. I got my 1.2Ghz running at 1.33Ghz, and the temp idles around 34C, max temp is about 45C. I use the Alpha PAL6035 with the Sunon 24cfm fan pulling air through the heatsink, not blowing through. I have heard temps being reported higher on the Asus boards over the Abit boards, which is what I have, but again I run it at 1.33Ghz with no problems. I use Arctic Silver, applied to the core only, and then mount the heatsink allowing it to squeeze it across the core evenly. I use a small amount, just barely enough to have excess run over the edges.
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