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I'm looking to get a new monitor (still using an old Sony Trinitron from '99) and hoping for some suggestions. I'm looking to get a flat screen monitor that also has other inputs so I could hook-up a cable box as well as a gaming system. I remember seeing a few of these in the past where you could hook multiple things up but not seeing much these days. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to look for?

I've also heard that 1 option is just to buy a small LCD TV and just use that instead of buying a monitor. Is there a difference between buying a monitor or an LCD/LED TV? Is 1 better then the other for certain things?
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  1. Just to add, I'd like to find something that has a DVI port along with the HDMI and Component. I've seen a few TV/Monitors that doesn't have a DVI port and more like a TV first and a monitor second.
  2. The line between monitors and TVs has become very blurry. If you're looking for active 3d with shutter glasses, you'll want a monitor rather than a TV, but for general gaming a TV will often work just fine. I previously thought a TV would have better speakers than those included in some monitors, but my current one, a Sceptre E320BV-FHDD, proved that isn't always the case. I also like to connect my game consoles to the same screen I use as my computer monitor, so here are some models I've had before that were usable for that:
    Samsung P2770HD
    Gateway XHD3000 (2560x1600, above-average speakers for a monitor, but sadly no longer available retail; I currently see one eBay listing that has the actual monitor, but it is tied to a Mac Pro, and doesn't clearly indicate whether the speaker bar is included)
    Westinghouse LCM-22w2 (only 1680x1050)
    Newegg lists 7 monitors currently available that have DVI and component inputs (you can use the "power search" to find them), but I can't confirm that any of them have audio inputs to go with the extra video inputs. lists over 100 monitors with at least 1920x1080 resolution, DVI, and component inputs. If you can tell me what size you're looking for, and perhaps your budget, I can provide some suggestions. Better yet, you could fill in a copy of the template:
  3. Thanks for your feedback. Here are the answers to the template you provided.

    Approximate Purchase Date: Whenever I find one.

    Budget Range: Around 200-300 after rebates

    Monitor Usage from Most to Least Important: general computer use, editing photos/videos, gaming

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg or B&M stores.

    Country of Origin: United States

    Brand Preferences: None

    Physical Size (Diagonal): around 21 inch (looking to get 2 monitors for side by side hook-up so don't want too large)

    Resolution(s) You'll Consider: Not really sure, I'd like a good picture and will have a modern graphics card in my new build and looking for a larger monitor so I assume higher resolution.

    Computers and Other Devices To Attach: Most likely just 1 computer hook-up (DVI). Also want HDMI and Component inputs for cable and gaming system.

    Panel Type(s) Desired: No preference

    LED Backlight: No prefernce

    Speakers: Desired

    Wall-Mount: Indifferent

    Stand Functions: height, tilt

    Additional Comments: I've been using the same CRT monitor since '99 so not knowledgeable of flat panel monitors. I'd like to have something with a good picture since I will be doing some photo and video editing on the PC. I'll also be hooking up old gaming systems (e.g. PS2) so want to be able to input other devices. This is a monitor first so want to focus on what's best for PC viewing. Will not be doing any 3D viewing so no glasses or 3d capability necessary.
  4. Just looking around on Newegg, it seems like the selection of monitors that have DVI input and other inputs is pretty slim. Appears that there is a larger selection of HDTVs that have DVI connections so that might be the better route.

    Is there any reason to get a monitor instead of an HDTV? What does a monitor do better that an HDTV can't? I've heard that there are issues sometimes with hooking up a PC to a tv and getting the picture to fill the screen without getting black bars or the screen cut off.
  5. The cheapest monitor at Newegg that meets your other requirements is the Asus VG236H at $359.99:
    I can find a Samsung P2370HD for $309.99 on Amazon:
    Or, if you're willing to look at refurbished, you can get the P2370HD for $209.99 here:
  6. Is the Samsung P2370HD a discontinued model because it doesn't show up on most websites.
  7. TVs with DVI input are news to me, but a lot of current video cards have HDMI output, and any HDTV worth the name will have at least one HDMI input, often two or more.

    I see no reason to insist on a monitor instead of an HDTV - there are unconfirmed rumors in this forum of different pixel layouts on TVs that are less suited to text, but text looks fine on my Sceptre tv (once I changed the ClearType settings to calculate for BGR subpixel arrangement). There are often some initial issues with getting the picture to fill the screen correctly (mainly with HDMI connections), but they can generally be remedied by changing the video card's overscan/underscan settings and the tv's scaling options. I switched to a DVI to VGA cable because my tv reset the hdmi scaling settings when I rebooted my computer, but other tvs might not have that problem.
  8. I see no indication on Samsung's site of it being discontinued:
  9. The Samsung P2370HD that you suggested has a DVI input so it's not unheard up, but yes, I agree that most HDTVs have VGA PC inputs, not DVI. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll probably just get an HDTV and use that instead of a monitor.

    Now the question is LED or LCD. Do you have a preference for what would look best for a PC or does it not matter?
  10. LED is a backlight technology, not a separate type of monitor from LCD. See this article that explains it:
  11. I'm really liking what I'm seeing about the Samsung P2370HD that you suggested. Do you know if there's a newer model that covers this type of monitor? Looks like this might be a discontinued line since I only see it on sale at Amazon. Everywhere else doesn't care the monitor anymore.
  12. That Samsung you just posted looks really nice. I was at TigerDirect the other day and saw this LG monitor that looked pretty good, but it was a little big pricier though.
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