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hello, just wanted a place to talk about the games from E3. I'm looking forward to Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, Everquest 2, Doom 3, Deus Ex 2, UT 2003, and Unreal 2!
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  1. Galaxies should be VERY cool, but it could be VERY gay, too. That's the double edged sword of the StarWars franchise. I'm keepin my fingers crossed though. EQ2 also looks pretty good. I hated EQ1, but it looks like they are fixing all the things I didn't like about it. Woohoo!
  2. DOOM 3... *mouth drops*

    But I'm really, really looking forward to new Deus Ex 2 stuff, particularly more screenies and ingame video. Also Neverwinter Nights is somethin I want to see a lot more of from E3.

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  3. i love deus ex and cant wait for deus ex 2 to come out
  4. yeah.... same here. im waiting for nolf II. was that featured at e3? i know its coming relatively soon.

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  5. i'm waiting for star wars too. gonna wait and see the reviews though before i buy it. see how the public reacts. although they did receive over 400,000 applications for their beta test i believe. it's either going to bomb big time and be the biggest upset in gaming history, or revolutionize gaming and become the undisputed best game ever created in the history of the world. imho.
  6. OK, DOOM 3 actually made me pause in amazement.

    I swear, if what they say is true - and all the shots really are real-time renders - then I want to make sweet, sweet love to this game and its throbbing engine.

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  7. ar.... good old doom is back. i knew getting my radeon 8500 would pay off somday..
  8. Doom 3 looks pretty f888ing slick, but did i here you say 'star wars' Ist here another game on its way"a good one"??? Or are you talking about either galaxies or k.o.t.o.r
  9. I watched a 10 min clip of actual gameplay from Doom 3 and I was salivating. This game is going to be the most realistic looking FPS. The character models are sick. It looks like they took the graphics from RE for the GCube and stuck them in this game. ID software is really gonna kick some ass with their new engine. The only thing is, you will probably need at least a gforce 3 to get the most out of this game. I have a gforce 2 so I guess it's time to upgrade. I'm not saying that it won't work without a gforce 3 it just won't look as good.

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  10. Definitely, the new Doom is one of the reasons I'm building a new computer this summer ;) I'm just hoping that nVidia and ATi will release their new chips soon, to drive down the prices a bit more. $250-300 for a Ti4400 is still too much.
  11. heh
    bloody long time till we get it...
    duke nukem forever is gonna be out first LOL

    anyone see this screen capture, the second pic on the racing car page of the 3rd day review?

    looks like an AUZZIE car racing game :)

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  12. Okay, i just don't get it. Where's all the talk about the actual gameplay of Doom3, is this just a slick engine with insanely violent graphics? zero appeal. EVERYWHERE in the industry other than ID we've seen a big move towards gameplay innovation rather than relying solely on graphics to sell a game. If you ask me ID's behind the curve not ahead of it. So Id's the first to come out an engine that realistic looking, i could care less, couple years and everything will be past it... Talk about a successful hype campain. Quake 3 isnt innovative in the least little bit.
    Nothing new here i can find.

    Find myself far more intrigued by Raven Shield and the America's Army games which are incredibly gameplay innovative with what i would consider just as good of graphics...

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  13. Aye, gameplay is still important. That's why I'm looking forward to the new Deus Ex installment where the lighting will actually affect the AI's ability to see. But I'm also going to allow myself to be swayed by the oh-so-pretty-isn't-it-exciting-wow-that's-cool graphics of Doom III ;) I'm only human, heh heh heh. As for America's Army, I've already ordered the CD, because I'm interested in it. But I definitely don't think that it's gameplay can be aptly called innovative nor are the graphics up to par, though they are quite good. Sure, the silent hand-gestures will be nice, but they are taking the tried and true style of play directly from games like Counter-Strike.
  14. Using the latest unreal engine, same as raven shield, its graphics are definitely up to par, its going for realism in outdoor graphics and i honestly think its some of the best looking stuff i've seen right along side the quality of Doom3, which i'll readily admit, does have some awsome quality.

    Didn't know that about Deus Ex II i'll have to give that one a closer look, sounds awsome.

    America's army is indeed extremely innovative in gameplay. Read up on it man. There's SO much origional gameplay content in that game i think its gonna put everything else to shame for realism in tactical gaming. Redstorm has competition now..unfortunately its from the US government which means personally i think the game should never see the light of day-) US government has no business doing this to US companies. If they keep this up they could ruin RedStorm entertainment. Take a look at the similarities betweeen america's army and ravenshield. Always before armed forces have contracted with companies to produce stuff like this for their own use etc.... what changed? This is problably the biggest development of E3 in my opinion. Check out http://pc.ign.com 's article on America's Army for a list of most of the cool innovations.

    About Doom3...i wont buy it or play it...ever. But the only reason for that is I find the game's content utterly offensive. Obviously, most gamers dont.

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  15. I've seen the screen shots of America's Army and I have been following up on it as well. I guess I should have been more clear when talking about its graphics. I meant to say that I don't think it looks as good as Doom III, I was aware that it is using the latest UT technology. I read to the article you pointed to on IGN, which was nice, but it didn't reveal much more than the ones of gamespot.com. From both of those articles, I really can't see much innovative gameplay enhancements. Like I said earlier, the communication nuances are pretty cool, the friendly fire auto-banning...that won't be exactly newbie friendly, but beyond that...

    I had read somewhere else that one branch of the armed forces was still commissioning one of the red storm/flashpoint games as a trainer? I find that ironic since the army has developed such a realistic version itself and yet the other branches are ignoring it :)
  16. Yes, Codemasters are putting together a custom version of Operation Flashpoint, basically it will just include current real as they can get units and weapons. Rest of the game will remain the same, probably some additional squad command options as well. The public will get to play with some of the enhancements in the upcoming addon for Flashpoint but not all of them, some of the units/weapons are classified-). The program is for use in tactical operations command and tactics practice onboard US ships during deployment so that forces can practive those things while at sea on computer simulations-)

    The real innovation behand America's Army comes in many forms. To list a few: Both teams are the good guys, both teams recieve briefings as though they are the US Army and the opposition is the terrorists. You will always see yourself as the good guy and the opposing team as the bad guy. For example on hostage rescue missions, one team things its rescueing a hostage, the other things its protecting a diplomat from terrorists. Another way is the objectives based system. The focus is on completion of objectives as a team and as an individual, its on working as part of that team to accomplish your goals. The emphasis is NOT on just killing all the enemy, its on behaving like todays "Politically Correct" army. I don't think that kind of army is a good thing but for what the army is trying to do with this game, its a tremendous innovation in gameplay if they can pull it off. Another big innovation is the way they're going to be keeping track of players statistics, which is beyond me at this point, but supposedly they're going to be able to determine statistics of all different kinds for how well you perform as a soldier. Not just things like how accurate you are with a gun, but how well you work as a team, how good a leader you are, how careful you are, how focused you are on the objectives, how well you follow orders, etc. Pretty interesting stuff. Not at all like playing multiplayer ghost recon really, there its pretty much two teams of solo player just out to mow each other down. Here its like playing real army. I call that seriously innovative gamplay.

    Doom3 is about mowing down as many disgusting bad guys as you can. Nothing else there but great graphics. Thats nice for some people but i find it disturbing.

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  17. Aye, I ws aware of the "both sides are good guys" thing they were attempting. I guess I just didn't consider it innovative :) To me it seemed more along the lines of trying to sidestep the whole sticky issue of terrorists, which is a good idea. I'm curious as to see how they are going to implement the weapons, since the terrorists obviously can't use US army weapons and vice versa. I guess the one thing that will definitely be innovative is the player rating system, sort of like the e-bay thing, where you can tell at the glance of an icon if a player is trustworthy or not. I'm eagerly awaiting my CD as soon as they ship the game this fall :) Harrah for gameplay, but I'm still going to buy Doom III :) and who knows??? Maybe it'll be good. One can't tell unless they play it.
  18. unreal tournament 2003 looks spectacular, the outdoor levels with grassy hills look so cool, i just hope the bots are really smart, it suck when they just run at you totally gung ho style!
  19. Nah, I expect the Unreal bots to be pretty good. Just take a look at the bots from the older Unreal Tourny. Hopefully they will be on par with the HL NPCs. I have yet to find a game where I thought the bots were as good as in Half-Life yet, though Medal of Honor is pretty close.
  20. First off, Half life didnt have bots, it had scripting and some situational AI. Thats a FAR FAR cry from bots that range over whole maps and fight as a team consistently. Or bots that actually work as team to accomplish objectives. The best AI bots so far, hands down, are in Jedi Knight II. They play capture the flag with style even. On my slow internet conn i cant play multiplayer, but i wouldn't want to with all the different bots JK2 comes with, have more fun playing them-) they don't cheat or play cheasy. :cool: Hopefully UT2003 will have bots on the JK2 or better, we'll see, if it doesnt i won't be buying it great as it looks otherwise due to my slow net con. I'll wait for Unreal 2, the one with single player. :smile:

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  21. I believe they did change the gameplay in Doom III to be more of a horror fps instead of the way the original Doom games were set up. Carmack said also that the way the environment is more interactive (ie. demons break through walls and such) This way, they want you to think that you're not safe behind any enclosure. will try to find the article that interviewed Carmack at E3..but it said that he designed this game as a single player instead of a multiplayer. but yeah, its one half hype one half believable if they can deliver the gameplay.

    http://www.msnbc.com/news/758337.asp <~here it is
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  22. I want to be able to play Doom mostly because I bet most FPS games that follow will be using that engine. It's pathetic though, because I saw that same doom 3 gameplay video from e3 and it even copies half-life by having the plot be about an experiment gone wrong. They even admitted they copied their ideas from other places. Above all I see Doom 3 as only a game engine.

    What I did like, however, was the spookiness of it. I hope they make a co-op mod for it, because it would be fun to fight for your life against invulnerable mutant zombies with others.
  23. yuck, my interest in Doom 3 just went from 0 to -50 percent.

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