1.2Ghz Athlon, L1 bridges closed from AMD

Do all 1.2Ghz CPU's have the L1 bridges closed? I just got my 1.2Ghz CPU and got my trust pencil out to close the bridges before I installed it, got a small light out to see the bridges better, and I'll be damned if the bridges were not already closed from AMD. I put it in and fired it up with the Alpha 6035 heatsink and Sanyo fan, and it reported 1.2Ghz in the Abit KT7A-RAID board. I let it go, ran a few tests and restarted, went into the BIOS and set the multiplier/FSB to 10x133, yielding 1333mhz. I exited the BIOS and it came up at the settings I put it at no problem, no pencil needed. I loaded Windows and ran some more tests, 1.33Ghz runs fine. I plan to go higher later. Are all 1.2Ghz CPU's this good??
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  1. I was under the impression that all newer socket a processors had the L1s cut with only a few exceptions. Your clock speed doesn't seem out of wack. Tom was doing that stuff a while back so you should read his results. (non-supercooled)
  2. I thought the same thing on the L1's, so when I went to pencil them in, they were factory gold connected. I know that most people can get the 1.2ghz CPU to run faster than the rated speed, but the bridges threw me for a loop.
  3. yeah I got my 1.2 GHz and it looks like the L1 Bridges are connected for me too.
    Hey, I am running standard cooling on my processor, just bought it. I also have a KT7A-Raid. Is it completely 100% safe to go to 10*133 (instead of 9) without additional cooling? If I do that will I run any risk of hurting my processor... remember I have no extra cooling besides the heatsink, fan, and case fans (standard). Whats the risk involved...?
  4. Mine are connected too.
    But I prefer running within specs. It's fast enough already!
  5. With all likelyhood you can increase your multiplier from 9-10 with virtually no added risk. Ofcourse there's some, but then again, do we really know how long athlons are able to run? They've only been out for a year and a half and they do run damn hot. :) I Wouldn't worry, but if it'll help you sleep better don't bother because you won't be able to nottice the performance difference.
  6. If you up the speed above 1.2Ghz, watch the temp! I noticed a difference when I moved my case fans from front to rear and a combination of both. My case has places for 2 in front, and two in rear. I only use two case fans even though I have spots for four. I got the best cooling and cool down time with one in front pulling air in, and one in back pulling air out. When I put both in the rear as exhaust fans, which sit right behind the CPU, my temp went up a few degrees, so play with the fans and see what works best with you system. I have not heard of anyone blowing up a CPU by overclocking it, but burning it up can occur if the CPU gets to hot. Most people will say that you don't need this much speed, I agree as it is wasted typing this e-mail, but until CPU's come around for all of us that will adjust the speed on demand, I guess it gets wasted. What type of heatsink do you have, will it handle the heat?
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