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AMD lacks needed heat protection

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February 2, 2001 7:42:21 PM

A friend of mine just got a new p3 system from Dell in the mail. After setting up the system he powers it on, a few bios screens flash by and then NOTHING! Turns out the heatsink had come off in shipping so the chip got hot and the built in protection shut it down.

Ok let me back up, in case you don't already know AMD chips do not have thermal protection. If this had been an AMD system the CPU would have baked itself into a keychain.

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February 2, 2001 7:58:35 PM

Let it Die already.
February 2, 2001 9:45:53 PM

that's interesting, come to think of it I got burnt about a week and a half after I moved!, my systems were still in boxes when I unpacked.

I think at this point I did set one up for net access, then a wk later the rest were setup with one doa(amd)

Man, I never thought about that. but wait I never dropped any boxes hmmmm.
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February 2, 2001 10:23:34 PM

OK, before everyone turns this into a stupid argument, let me be the one to say that everything concerning this issue has already been said on numerous occasions. We don't need to go through it all agian.

Suicide is painless...........
February 2, 2001 11:53:09 PM

It is not an argument unless you make it one. This really did just happen within the last week. I have long thought AMD should have heat protection but this recent incident shows how it could be important. I'm sure it does no good for an Intel CPU to be run with no heatsink and I'm also sure mobos work better without heatsinks and clips bouncing around on them. This post is intended to be informative and maybe save a CPU or two. Maybe it should be labled "check your heatsink before powering up a new system" but the point is the same.

Nice handle BTW:-) nimble knuckle

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February 3, 2001 2:15:33 AM

I agree, AMD was very stupid to not include thermal protection (1 stupid thing for AMD; countless for Intel.)

Although, I don't think its a big enough problem in order to say "I won't buy that chip" or "AMD sucks". Kind of like if Jaguar put it a 5 CD changer instead of 6. Big deal.

I hate intel