This will seem strange but my husband has some issues with trust for no reason except he cheated int he past so he is worried I am going to do the same (never would regardless) BUT I am upset because he sneaks onto my laptop and he is so computer savy that he can hide things and put applications on here and Id never know the difference. Well today I was on here and wanted to hook up my bluetooth adapter thing I just got. Well I dont know how I got to it but wound up in the windows task manager and I clicked on services and it showed bluetooth. Well the other day my husband said for some reason it wouldnt work and I knew he was lieing... I then find an "Enabled" bluettoth thing on here saying the following "send to bluetooth device" yet it has no info on what folders or when placed on my laptop or the publisher just shows it is enabled and wont show anymore info. It states unavailable and says its a "browser extension". What could this be PLEASE help. I cant get it off and Im really upset. Just need the truth from someone. Can u help? I need to know if he is having me monitored. I am tierd of it and I feel I should be allowed some privacy and he is invading it. PLEASE help :(
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  1. you should put a bios lockup password.he wont be able to break into it.
  2. Seriously, too much personal information.

    And not enough technical information.
    What make and model of laptop? And what version of Windows is installed?

    Here is how it should work in Windows 7.
  3. It appears that your marriage is over. He cheated on you and now he's pulling this crap. This will not get better and it is time to move on. I'm sorry but I am telling you the truth as I see it.
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