Administrator password recovery

i cannot remember my admin password and i am going crazy
how can i recover or get around using the existing password without a recovery disk please help
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  1. boot up in safe mode and go in using the safe mode administrator account from there you can change it.
  2. thank u I am not sure I know how to do that exactly I tried earlier but it would only let me change certain accounts i will try again and let u know thank u
  3. You might have better luck if you call Microsoft support, as they can talk you through the matter. Keep in mind that you'll have to provide them with some proof of ownership before they'll help you out.
  4. Sometimes it happens that you forgot your password, but don't worry there are sometips which are useful to reset the password.

    First,you can try this method.Start system and press F8 key when Windows is starting up. Then select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and enter. Choose Administrator,the default password may be blank if you don’t set the default administrator password before.Then you will enter into doc Command as following.

    Type “ net user net user xxx 12345 /add “ (xxx is the locked account name and 123456 is the new password set on this account).Then you will see the Command Completed Successfully.

    Then you can try ophcrack or Windows Password key .
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