[Headset] Looking for a headset in the 100USD range for gaming/movies

Looking to get a new headset. I'm currently using my backup(lolMicrosoftLifechat) and not sure what I want to get. I'm looking to stay below the 100usd range. Looking for the best quality for the money(IE: bang for buck). Only have a few 'demands' and that being comfortable, non-wireless, USB(Don't have an extra soundcard), and obviously a mic. Would prefer 50mm drivers and a directional mic, but not deal breakers.

After a bit of research the 50->100 USD range has HUNDREDS of products from a lot..a heck of a lot....of manufacturers. Everything from Razer, to Creative, to Turtle beach - lol. Looking through Amazon and Newegg I see these are marked pretty low and reviews seem okay(leaning towards the corsair ones) but up for any other recommendations. Thanks in advance :D



Wasn't sure if this is the best place to post this or not so feel free to move if needed
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  1. Get the Corsair ones....they're heavenly
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