How can i ship in ghana

i want to know how i can ship directly to ghana. i'm buying a laptop and want to find out how much it will cost to ship it to ghana.
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  1. Where are you shipping from?
    How much does it weigh? What size is the package being shipped?
  2. from the
    laptop weight-5.48 lb
    can't really tell size of package being shipped
  3. If you are bying from, and want it shipped directly there, you need to work with them. Each site has different prices for shipping. This forum is not affiliated with any vendors, unless the poster happens to work at one and knows the details, we won't know the costs to ship any more than you would until you check the shipping through the site.
  4. You should be able to work that out on the website. You might need to ask them through the Email Help option.
    And you should check the European websites (example: ) too. You might get lower shipping and more favorable currency exchange rate too.
    If the laptop weight is 5.48 lbs you can expect the shipping weight to be near 15 lbs is what I would guess. announces worldwide shipping
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