Fully Backlit, Cherry MX Blue Keyboard?

Don't know if this exists or not but can anyone recommend me a backlit keyboard which use the MX Blue key-switches? The more features the better, and good quality is also a must....the color of the back-light doesn't really matter unless it's something like yellow or something like that. :D

oh yea, if anyone would like to mention a good MX Blue with no backlight, go ahead but one with a backlight would be preferred =]
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  1. The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate T1 is a mechanical keyboard with cherry mx BLUE switches and with a decent backlight. The Blackwidow Expert T2 is exactly the same keyboard with cherry mx BLUE switches also, but without the backlight.
    Some other brands you should check out are daskeyboards , or Tesoro Durandal , though the tesoro durandal uses cherry mx Red switches, these keyboards are beast . For some high end keyboards mechanical keyboards checkout Ducky. Almost all of their products are available in every type of switch.
  2. Correction : For some high end* mechanical keyboards checkout Ducky and Filco*
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