AMD Cpu fans dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =((

I had my tower on i bought a new tower and i was rearranging my cords by the cpu fan so it can have good ventaliazion when accidently my finger touched the fan!
im bleeeding so very badly!!
a chunk of my finger is missing

beware! those fans are spinning at light speeds.!!
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  1. you always turn off you computer if you are going to work on it!!!!!! the delta fan spins at 7000 rpm. it'll chop off anything you put in it.

    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
  2. Stop complaining. You have been very lucky, your blood could have short-circuited the mainboard ;)

    You can try to use some frag tape to insulate the bleeding finger and avoid blood condensation.
  3. Some lessons you have to learn the hard way.
    But I'll bet you never do that again.
  4. beleive me i learned my lesson
    i mean my old k6-2 350 the fan on that i could stop it with my pinky just fine i never imagined my new fan was that powerful....
    my god
    finger is healing up nicely thou with help from polysporin..

    lol its a powerful fan!
  5. If a fan like that did that, I wonder what my huge squirrel cage fan could do.... *GRINS EVILY* Where's that cat..

    I don't hate Intel............ Do I?
  6. My friend stuck a paper clip in his fan while it was attacjed to his mobo and it broke off (the fan) and now his athlon has been whacking out alot! i told him not to screw with his comp while it was on.HA HA
  7. Oh Please Please
    Toss the cat in and get some pics.
    New benchmark for fans.

    Only good cat is a dead cat

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  8. LOL Sumadin hahahaha
  9. My kitten stays but the neighbor's crappy cat is gonna get it.

    I don't hate Intel............ Do I?
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