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Which laptop is the a better buy? 5650 +i7 VS 5730 + weak cpu(p920)

ok i was looking for the best sub $800 laptop for gaming....

5730's have just lowered in price and fit in this budget but their problem is that they ALWAYS come with a very weak cpu , like a P920 right now, which is a quad core but 1.6GHZ means its probably very horrible for gaming....

on the otherhand, u can usually find a deal of a 5650 with i7 720/740QM for sub 800 (currently theres an hp laptop deal going on for these specs)

yes i know that graphic card are what really matter, but the thing is that i dont think there is a very great difference between these graphics card and processors do matter somewhat, and there is a HUGE difference between the processors...

so basically i wanted to know if both laptops cost the same and everything else is equal (a bigger screensize to me is just as attractive as a smaller screen size), then which will provide the better FPS in games.. estimates from notebook check point to the 5650 bing better, but i hear that notebookcheck isnt always very reliable
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    5730M is faster than 5650M and since most games are GPU limited, the 5730M/P920 combo will give you better gaming performance.
  2. ya but even if a game is gpu limited, cpu increase does have SOME effect, like going from a n830 to an i7 gives u atleast 6 to 7 fps.. ?(according to notebbookcheck)
  3. It depends on the resolution.On lower resolutions yes, but on higher resolutions there isn't much of a difference.
  4. so is 1366x768 considered as lower or higher resolution..
  5. graphics cards do play one of the most important roles in a gaming machines but having a good graphics card and a weak cpu wont deliver best experience.
    i think you should go with the quad i7 and the 5650 graphics card as it is powerful and with an i7 you will get better gaming experience.
  6. Maziar already gave you the correct answer. Why are you arguing with him? And for that matter, where do you get off calling the AMD Phenom II X4 P920 a weak cpu? How many other craptops do you know of that have a Quad-Core CPU in them? There aren't many and they certainly don't compare to their desktop counterparts. I know the laptop you're talking about because I've personally recommended it to several people as a fantastic gaming laptop for under $800. You're obviously referring to the ASUS N52DA-X1 on sale for $780 at newegg. You now have TWO people who know WAY more about x86 computers telling you that the N52DA-X1 is the way to go. And NO, the i7 and 5650 will NOT give you a better gaming experience than the P920 and 5730 because all a CPU has to do is NOT bottleneck the GPU to get max performance. The 5650 with the i7 will give you a WORSE gaming experience because the 5650 can't match the 5730 and the 5730 won't be bottlenecked by the P920. Marios doesn't know what he's talking about but Maziar and I both do. :sol:
  7. death_relic0 said:
    so is 1366x768 considered as lower or higher resolution..

    Low,but since the other model has 5730M,it will still perform faster.
  8. lolz, thanks for the advice.. Avro Arrows post was , well, energetic and it pretty much made me make up my mind...

    in any case, guess i will be going for the 5730 now inshALlah, although i will wait a bit, just a while ago lenovo y560 was with 5730 was for 750, and a xps was also on a discount (although that was for aberly 6 hours, couldnt do anything within that time), otherwise the asus one definately!
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  10. Huzzah! :sol:
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