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Hello, So i have done something pretty stupid. While in command prompt under diskpart i accidently "cleaned" one of my external HDD, I have 3 partitions on it, 2 I recovered pain free with EaseUS Data recovery, but the third I am having problems with. I bitlocked it and now have no idea how to get it back. I have the recovery key, and password! Any software to help me????
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  1. Hi :)

    If you cannot use the Bitlocker have lost it...NO way around it...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. The whole purpose of BitLocker (and other encryption) is to prevent exactly what you're trying to do. You just learned a valuable lesson, the hard way, about making backups of important files.
  3. A very valuable lesson indeed. Your pretty much out of luck on this problem sorry.
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