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We all know the P4 has the highest clock rates around, and that it suffers from a lack of software that utilises its new SSE2 instruction set.
[PLEASE NO FLAMES] - i have read the multitude of pros and cons, and am sick of them.

I just want to know... WHEN will specifically written software be available to make use of SSE2 arrive? (if ever)

And im not just talking about games... i mean the whole spectrum of applications.
eg windows/office, media tools, cad, games etcetc

A poor sap stuck with a P2 300 on an LX board. but with 256meg ram!

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  1. presently, most software houses are re-optimizing their software.

    The main graphics companies are doing this to insure that they'll be the first to state the fact and to be as competive as possible, others who don't will be left in the dust!!!

    I doubt that any office app will take advantage of Intel's innovations, most likely it will be the cad, 2d/3d, games and high-end visual software that will take sse2 into account.

    hopes this helps!
  2. office type stuff will take a while but any CPU intensive software that is released from around a few months on should have some if not full support for it or like AMDMELTDOWN said they will be left behind...

    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  3. Nearly everything is being coded to use SSE2 extensions, expect to see Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft, Autodesk, and many other major software mfg's product hitting helves soon with SSE2 enchanced versions in the very near future.
  4. How do we know that SSE2 won't become the next MMX?
  5. how do we know that your human?
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  7. How Does AmdMeltdown Type?
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