Best 3 Monitor setup on a stand?

Hey everyone!

I am looking for a new Monitor setup. Right now I have 2 HP 2210ms, and 1 HP 2159m, all 21.5", full 1080p displays. The one thing is, I saw that you can get stands so you can have three monitor setup on one stand. I was hooked when I saw it. I was wondering what the best monitors would be for such a setup? I plan to sell the monitors for about $250 each. So I have a budget of $750 without the stand. I was looking on TigerDirect and it seems like they have a great stand for about $130. If you can find me a cheaper then that would be great! Right now I am using an ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card w/ Eyefinity. Though my new gaming PC is going to have two GTX 670's in SLI each with 4GB of ram ^.^, It would be nice if they had thin bezels so that they could be used for Eyefinity or in the same thing that Nvidia has. Thanks! If you can help me! I really appreciate it!
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