I'm thinking of upgrading , good or bad

well i have 2 systems.

system 1 -
i like to play games with this one but starting to slow alittle i think its time for a little upgrading

celeron 533 ---> p3 1ghz w/ powerleap neo s370
abit bp6 (440bx)---> abit bp6 (440bx)
256mb pc100 ---> 386mb pc150
15gb 5400rpm ---> 40gb ibm 75gxp
ATi radeon 32mb ddr ---> ATi radeon 32mb ddr @ 200 / 200
SB live! mp3+ ---> SB live! mp3+ 5.1

system 2 -
I use this pc for nonthing but office work and no play. Im putting some of my old stuff on this one.

K6-2 300 ----> k6-3+ 550 @ 450 (5.5 x 83)
Aopen ax5tc (430tx) ---> Aopen ax5tc (430tx)
64mb pc66 ---> 256mb pc100
6.4gb ata33 ---> 15gb 5400rpm ata66 w/ PCI ata66 card
trident 4mb ---> ATi Xpert 128 - 16mb PCI
TB daytona ---> SB live! mp3+

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  1. What is the second system ?

    Anyway, first, I dont know if your bp6 can handle a 1Ghz CPU, and even if it does, save some money and buy a 866-933 Mhz.
    Secondly, more than 256 Mb is overkill.. PC150 is no good unless you're into overclocking, and a p3-1000 is not exactly a great overclocker (nor is the 933 btw).
    (btw, you have a SMP board.. why not take advantage of it by buying 2 cheaper CPU's ? Only if you intend to run W2K of course.)
    Lastly, if you're into games, spend all the money i just saved you in a good videocard, like Geforce Pro, or Radeon DDR.
  2. Throw a pair of 800E's on the BP 6
    Hard drive make some difference

    Wait in next gen of video cards, before you upgrade from radeon to radeon... same goes for SB live unless you reallly really need 5.1
  3. dual p3's and the BP6 don't mix. well it can only handle 1 p3 w/ powerleap adapter.

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  4. I owuld try a 750E on the BP6 and overclock to 133 FSB to get a GHz. But their are no garruntees there. The 700 will do 933 at 133 and is more likely to make it. Either one wil save you $100

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  5. I'm thinking you don't really need to upgrade either system. If you've already got the k6-3+ then why not, but other than that you don't actually need more performance for business apps. In many gaming situations you're not going to see an absolutely massive increase when going to 1ghz. The video card matters much more. You've got a nice video card so I wouldn't recommend ditching it quite yet. I don't know what the max speed your bp6 will accept, but I suggest finding out that speed and getting that processor.
  6. i found out the board is most stable at max 8 x 94mhz. So ill get a 800e (8x100mhz) and put it at 752mhz (8x94).

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  7. uhh...why the HELL would you underclock your motherboard?!?!? if it doesn't run stable at 100, you've got a faulty mobo, and need a new one.


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  8. well if bp6.com wasn't down i could get some answers

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