Matshita bd-cmb uj120 ata divice windows7 driver

I want to download this driver.please help me. thx
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  1. DVD/CD-ROM devices use the cdrom.sys driver.
    You can find it at c:\windows\system32\drivers.

    Check your Device Manager to see if the device is listed.
    If it is, what is the supporting driver?
  2. I am also looking for this file, specifically for Windows 7... Wimdows 7 says the device was not successfully installed, it's listed as "Failed" and no cd drive shows up in My Computer... This is Win 7 64bit Ultimate on a Sony AR670 Laptop... sony's site has no win 7 drivers at all and no vista drivers, just a firmware update that doesn't run on a 64 bit system as far as I can tell, not that I need it... The built in cdrom.sys won't work for some reason even though I installed windows 7 from this drive to begin with. Lots of searching just brings me to scam sites wanting money to download the driver... I even paid one (will get money back from paypal) but of course it was a junk driver scanner, nothing useful.
  3. OK I don't need this anymore... I ran the CD and DVD trouble shooter and Windows auto fixed the problem, whatever it was.
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