Laptop Monitor Dimming and Aging

Greetings all!

I have an issue with my Toshiba M105-S3074 notebook:

While I'm on full power with the screen brightness set to its highest, it's fairly dim compared to most other models; not nearly to the point where I 'can't see it,' but definitely not like a new laptop. I've heard, but am not too certain -- lcd panels dim as they age. This case seems a bit significant, though. Are any of you familiar with this issue?

Also, the screen glitches a little bit when it runs on battery power. Whether the setting is Full Power, or other battery-saving modes, I see what appear to be a couple rectangles on the bottom half of the screen going black for a fraction of a second. Any ideas on what the cause might be?

I appreciate your input in advance!

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    It is possible that the backlighting is failing. Usually that is provided by a mini-fluorescent lamp at the bottom of the screen. Replacing that could be a good idea, but involves some tinkering with the lid. Before embarking on such endeavor, I would say contact Toshiba and see if they can do that for you.
  2. Well, I'm more than happy to disassemble the frame and get in there; but is the lamp a separate piece from the screen, for the most part? I haven't taken this model apart before.
  3. That depends on the manufacturer. It is separated usually, as it would be more expensive to manufacture an LCD screen with the lamp integrated. That being said, I can not confirm it 100% for that particular model. Since you are committed to get in there, you will find out relatively easy, when you crack open the lid and notice the lamp at the base.
    Replacement screens may come with their own lamp, so it might be easier to replace the whole thing.
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