How are Sony VAIO laptops?

Hey all, I just ordered a Sony Vaio laptop

I've never had any experience with them other than messing around with them at best buy and seeing a couple other peoples, They seem decently built, but just wondering if anyone has experience with them, and if they're good stuff or junk, and how would you rate them. I.e. for me, I rank ThinkPads best and Compaqs worst in terms of quality with most other brands falling near the bottom of that.. Thanks in advance...
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  1. I must disagree with you there Avro, as I have used many different laptops, and there is a HUGE difference.

    I think you misunderstood the question, my question was not really about performance, I know what performance I'm getting, and yes, if the identical hardware in a laptop is exactly the same, you'll get the same performance (Same with a desktop) The difference for me though is in the build quality, the feel, the support.

    My last laptop was a Lenovo Thinkpad T61, and it was amazing in terms of quality of build compared to any HP or Compaq or Dell that I've ever touched.
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