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Just a quick question- What would perform better over all a thunderbird 750-800 or an Athlon classic 950-1ghz. I'm asking because I'm gonna get a new slot chip for my motherboard and with out modification it seems my board will only run up to a 800 slot a thunderbird but up to 1ghz athlon classic. If anyone knows how to modify the board though, I'd love to know that as well. It's an Asus K7V.

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  1. i don't know but just go with the 800 and save your self 200 dollar for your next system
  2. it's possible that this is a problem with the cache ram on the slot processor...the latest beta cache 8.01 I believe adds cache speed adjustment...I am also using a k7v

  3. What is beta cache 8.01? is that a bios thing or something else?

  4. just a bios update is all...adds the cache speed adjustment

  5. the k7 tbird is SLIGHTLY faster than the slot a but not by much... i have run a k7 1000 slot a and a tbird and the tbird avg about 6 fps more and rendering speeds of 3d modeling the slot a was fater for 100 meg image it was about 3 secs faster.. BUT key to this is the slot a is alot easier to set up and it runs ALOT cooler.. so if you want a cpu thats gonna last you get the slot a classic
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