Oi AMD...where's the 'C' Athlon!!!

I've got an Abit KT7-A Raid Gathering dust, and what about those people with ddr chipsets....Where's our processors? c'mon AMD...don't do an Intel on us

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  1. You can just connect the L1 Bridges with a pencil and then change multiplier settings; example is for a 1.2GHz change settings from 100*12 to 133*9
    Also, I got my 1.2GHz the other day and it was in fact a class C, the L1 Bridges were connected and in my ABIT KT7A-Raid it defaulted to 133MHz FSB!
  2. From what I've been reading, everyone who has gotten a 1.2GHz T-bird has been saying that it's unlocked! Not really too surprising - after all what reason would AMD have to lock the 1.2GHz cpu (it's not as if they sell a faster cpu)?
  3. cool, where did you order from? i mean, can i order the cheapest 1.2ghz i can find on pricewatch.com and expect it to come unlocked? thanks.

    - Brian
  4. I've heard that AMD is not officially releasing the 'C' version Athlon until there is more support for them, in the form of 133MHz capable motherboards.

    Since these boards are becoming more widespread I'd expect them to be 'official' in the next two ot three weeks.

  5. Yeah! Where did you get the "C" unlocked version??? I REALLY want to order one- Today!!
  6. Sorry to reply w/ a question but I'm dying to know....
    Is the overcloced 1200 to 133FSB going to run hotter (I would assume) and will it get the same performance as the true 266FSB? Do I wait and buy the real deal?
  7. PC Progress put a Feb 15 ETA for the 1.2 Ghz Athlon C.

    On the otherhand maybe they just want the money for advanced orders.
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