HP psc2355 printer problem

I have a HP psc2355 printer. When I try and print or copy the printer throws the paper half way through and either says printer jam or just keeps trying to copy.

I have checked for any paper jam or bits stuck in and there is none.
I have checked the paper out lever and that seems to be ok

I have tried un-installing the printer and software and re-installing it again, but none of these things work.

The printer has not suffered any shocks or been droped.

Has anybody any further ideas I can try.

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  1. Hey John,

    There is a number of reason why this could occur. I suggest first reading through this entire support document to see if it covers any new steps:

    'Paper jam: Press OK to continue' Message Displays on the All-in-One

    In the meantime, could you provide me with some additional information, like what operating system you are using?

    Sean :sol:
  2. Operating system windows xp home with sp3 and full updates

    Your link to support doesn't seem to work, all I get is a groupon advert.
  3. I have now discovered the link.
    I have tried all the suggestions and it is just the same.
    When I turn the printer on it draws the paper about halfway through without printing anything and the shows the paper jam message.
    I will not print a test report or anything else.
  4. Can any one else help I discovered that the black cartridge was very low so I have refilled it.
    The printer is now trying to do a cartridge alignment,but each time it just feeds the paper through too far and comes up with the paper jam message.

    Any ideas ????
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