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i have read about closing L1 bridges, and also saw it on toms hardware when they were building the pc. I dont understand why this is done though. Does the cpu work without closing the L1 bridges?? Why is this done? Can someone tell me a little more about this. I just purchased a AMD 1.2 i dont want to damage the cpu. Thanks
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  1. In order to overclock the processor you have to close the L1 bridges, but if you don't plain on overclocking then I don't see any real use for doing it, and I think I also read that if you close the bridges it nullifies your AMD warranty.
  2. closing the L1 bridges unlocks the multiplies allowing overclocking, or if you want to use 133MHz bus. For 1.2 change the multpliers from 100* 12 = 1200 to 133 * 9 for FSB.
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