Uh-oh big problem Help Please

What degrees celsius should I be running my Tbird at? I just got it and was looking at the bios. It says I was 72 degrees Celsius.
That sounds high.
WHat should I be at? Also, How long does it take to burn one out? I was trying to get my comp setup and only used it for about a total 'on time' of maybe 25 minutes, and now it wont start anymore. I didn't change a THING, I just powered it off, and then went to power it back on, and now the mobo gets power but nothing happens... no video or anything. I tried to reset CMOS jumpers like 10 times but nothing happens.
Ok so whats wrong? Did I burn it out? Defective CPU/Mobo? I think that this is the second time it happen, because I had this problem before... see, I was starting my comp, and mobo beeped at me and wouldnt start. I kept changing settings and powering back on. I did this alot. Then all of the sudden I did it and nothing happen anymore, no beeps at all. So i took it back to the shop and they tested the proccesor and said it was dead. I got a new one and brought it home. Mobo beeped again. Swapped mobo. Now it worked. Came home fooled with it, now the thing wont start anymore.
Also, what should i have for a hs/f. At the place they sold me a:
Cooler Master DP5-6H51. It says on a little label on the box "cooler master socket A, 3 wire fan up to Duron 850MHz / Tbird 1.2GHz". Is this ok?

Also, again I ask, whats normal operating temp for Tbird 1.2GHz? My mobo is KT7A-Raid BTW.

Thanks for the help,
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  1. Oh yeah, also, my fan specs are as follows:

    Cooler Master DP5-6H51

    L60 x W60 x H36 (mm)

    FAN Dimensions 60 x 60 x 15 (mm)
    Rated Voltage 12 VDC
    Rated Speed 4200 RPM
    Air Flow 15 CFM
    Noise Level 32.8 dB(A)
  2. Hmmm... ok so I write these posts, go back to other comp, pull overall power and plug it back in again, and now the thing starts. It had been about 8 minutes since the time it first would not start. Whats going on here anyone know?
  3. Hmm...I think I remember reading about something like this on the KT7A, it said that if the fan on the HSF wasn't working then it would automatically shut off, so, going with that bit of information I would say that the fan on the HSF has died. If the fan hadn't died could it have just malfunctioned I don't know, that's all I can give you.
  4. could you post a little more of your system specs video card memory etc .did you use thermal paste?most thermal pads that come stock on heatsinks are a one time install. if you remove it you should replace it with thermal paste or grease. also can't seem to stress this enough CASE COOLING ,do you have extra fans beside power supply, this is a lot of peoples problems with overheating.
  5. OK:
    KT7A-Raid mobo, 1.2GHz Tbird w/L1 Bridges Connected. I am not overclocked, my mutliplier settings are 9 * 133
    256MB DIMM (Crucial); PC133, CL2, Unbuffered
    27GB & 80GB HD connected with standard cable
    Creative TNT2 Ultra 32MB
    Creative AWE32 SB
    DVD drive w/hardware decoder; CD-RW drive, 1 floppy drive
    Netgear Ethernet Card
    Pyro Firewire card

    The fan isnt dead, I just got it. Plus the case cover's off I can see it, its still spinning.
    I have power supply fan and 1 case fan in front. Should I get another at the back? There is a spot for one.
    What in the world is this thermal paste stuff? I got the fan and heatsink. At the bottom of hs there was this piece of protective something or another that you pull off, and it reveals like a little square that is off white and goes right over the processor part of the chip. Not sure what it is.
    Right now my comp is going and my only problems are software based at the moment. It has been running fine hardware wise for the last hour or so.
    Right now my temp when I start comp and check bios starts somewhere around 51 celsius and it is climbing. I sit back and watch it go, it got up to 75 celsius then stopped and held there. What SHOULD I be at? Also will the heat increase if I start playing a processor intensive game like UT or whatever?

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  6. thats been the biggest problem with most socket cpus they run EXTREMELY HOT... the cpu is designed to run at that temperature but will NEVER HURT to make it cooler... i suggest getting an aftermarket overclocking fan to cool it down or find something for your case
  7. Have you checked the case PS voltages \bios?
    My M'board (ASUS) beeps like crazy if voltages go +/- 5V.
    It also monitors fan speed too ,so any errors here and it beeps.
    Fan OK?
    72 Deg C is a bit high although AMD list the operating Temp of the CPU up to 90C.My thoughts are if you aim to get 40 -50 C you will have your CPU for a much longer period.
    Hope this is of help.
  8. when you guys say for a much longer period, what kind of times are you talking about? 72 degrees = ? years of usage; whereas 40-50 = ? years of usage?
    Also, no beeping problems are anything. Actually Im not really having any hardware problems any more but windows is being a pain I can't boot and I can't reinstall and I really dont want to format. Grr...
    How much should adding a 2nd case fan bring down my temp, and what the heck is this thermal paste stuff?
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