HP w2207h 22" worth upgrading from?

I'm buying a new system soon, and I'm wondering if upgrading my w2207h (22 inch, 1680x1050) to a relatively cheap 1080p, widescreen, IPS monitor like the Asus VS229h is worth it? Would I notice much difference in the display? Is 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 a leap or more of a hop? My graphics card will be some version of the GTX 670.
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  1. I have an HP 2207h and thought it was pretty decent for a 1680x1050 TN monitor. Been faithfully serving me for 3 1/2 years. Two days ago I got a new ASUS PA248Q (24" IPS 1920x1200). Its like night and day. The colors are so much better, the images are so much crisper and the response time is about the same as the 5ms HP in the RPGs I play. Plus the stand is far more adjustable than the HP's. I was a little hesitant to spend the $340 for it, but I can see now I'm going to love it. Funny thing is, part of the reason I bought it was I upgraded my GPU to a GTX 670!
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    Newegg has Asus' newer 23" budget IPS for $185-

    they also have the VG23AH which is also 23" but its about $100 more and has slightly better specs and does passive 3D.

    the PA248Q as recommended above is also a very good option if you don't mind the fact its a 16:10 res rather than 16:9. I personally like 16:9 for gaming just because of the wider FOV you get with that aspect ratio, so I my self just bought the VG23AH. Jeff, hows the matte finish on the PA248Q I heard its not as thick and grainy as the past IPS panels have been? I almost got it because I just left a 23.6", but I was afraid of the matte finish :/ (the VG23AH is semi-glossy).
  3. Oh, its not grainy at all. I was kind of worried after reading about some Dells with that "dirty" looking anti-glare coating, but the ASUS is just fine. Was pretty relieved since my old HP had a glossy coating and I didn't want to have a noticeable hazy/grainy effect.
  4. Oh, nice! Good to hear that. If your willing to spend that much OP I'd say the PA248Q and the VG23AH are your two best options. I forgot to mention, the first one I linked might be prone to some back light bleeding like the VS229H, it seems that quite a few people are complaining about that and the lack of deep blacks on that model based off the comments.
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