Core Voltage for AMD Tbird 1ghz

I need to know what the friggin Voltage for a Tbird 1ghz is, and what the ratio switch on a Epox 8kta+ mobo is for. There are jumpers for Core Voltage, and a dim switch for the regular voltage. I need to be informed as to what needs to be at what so I don't fry the friggin cpu again.
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  1. As far as i know, voltage for all Thunderbirds is 1.75 volts. I don't know about your mainboard settings though...
  2. I believe he is right, 1.75 is the standard core voltage, though I've heard people putting it up to 1.85 when overclocking and not having any troubles. If you do that make sure to have a HD HSF unit..

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  3. Thanks for letting me know what the voltage was, if anyone could tell me what the "ratio" is for, and what Vcore Voltage Control Vio Voltage Control on the motherboard are for? if someone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated.....The spec page for my mobo is
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