Is there a DVI-VGA quality loss?

Hi guys, just want to know if I should buy a cheap DVI cable. I currently use a BenQ T2200HD with a native reso of 1920x1080, and the way I set it up years ago was that I had a VGA cable plugged into the monitor, and then the other end of the VGA was plugged into some adapter which took the VGA ending and it came out as DVI ending to plug into my GPU. Reading a couple of articles about it showed that there was no real difference (I didn't really understand it, but I think I got the main consensus), however they were only talking about lower resolutions. Will there be any quality increase if I upgraded to a single DVI cable? My monitor has two ports, one for VGA (Which I am using) and DVI. I never actually realised that I was using VGA. For my GPU I have a HD 7850, so if that helps thats great. Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

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    The main difference between DVI and VGA is that DVI is digital while VGA is analog. Thus a lot of people would automatically push you to get DVI. However, if you have a good VGA cable, a monitor that handles VGA input well (I've had some that didn't), and no significant sources of interference, it may be hard to see any improvement from switching to DVI.
  2. Ok, thanks for your answer. I'll just get a DVI cable anyways because they are only a couple of dollars, and the quality might get better. The cable is over 10 years old, so the wire may of degraded.
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