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Hey all, can someone suggest a monitor for me? It'd be used mainly for gaming. LCD or LED doesn't really matter to me, just as long as it has 2ms response time.
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  1. Thanks for those, man. I'd be leaning towards the first one you linked. Have you any experience with the Asus VW246H?
  2. No I have not, But I have the VE247H and it's a really good looking TN panel. Some people complain about slight ghosting on white backgrounds but I haven't ever had that issue. The VH model I linked is apparently considered one of the best TN panels for gaming.
  3. bw85 said:
    Have you any experience with the Asus VW246H?

    That looks like a great budget monitor. Almost 1,600 reviews on Newegg and five star average? That would be a safe bet in my opinion.
  4. It's the one I've looked at the longest, but I'm not sure what the differences in specs between the VH and the VW model means in terms of performance.
  5. Also, the VH242H is one I've looked at quite a bit
  6. Id say VW is a safe bet aswell. That many people cant be wrong, haha
  7. These are the 3 I am looking into. I have compared them on Newegg, but am not really sure what the different specs mean:

    Or, if I raise my budget to, say, $250, will it give me more breathing room for a better monitor? I don't play high-intensity games like TF2 or BF3 or anything, so I am not sure if that will have any bearing on my decision.
  8. Anyone else have any other input to share before I pull the trigger?
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