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No Video Signal on emachines W340UA Laptop

My emachines W340UA laptop will not display anything on the screen. I turned it on one day and all of the indicator lights come on but the screen remains blank. Thinking that the laptop monitor may have gone out, I connected an external monitor to the VGA port on the side of the laptop. It does not show BIOS on the external monitor and even after allowing Windows XP to boot and using the function keys to toggle the display output, the laptop will not send a signal to the monitor.
I assume this means that the video card in the laptop has gone out. Can someone verify this for me or give me more ideas for things to try?
Also, if the graphics card in the laptop has gone out, how do I go about replacing it?

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    if you graphics card on your board went out you will have to replace the board is most cases.
  2. ^+1. Also, keep in mind that it is usually cheaper to replace the laptop than to replace the board inside, esp. for mainstream mediocre quality brands like that one.
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