Replacing Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Key Switch?

So long story short I purchased a blackwidow ultimate mechanical keyboard off ebay. The keyboard came in and I noticed the "N" key wasnt working properly and seemed like the internal of the switch was bent causing the key to not properly pop back up. I contacted Razer initially to see if there was a simple fix of this issue. While I was waiting for a response I accidentally pulled out the internal part of the switch (the blue plastic rod that actually presses down the switch) when I was pulling off the key cap. I updated Razer with what happened and they said that this voided warranty and is considered damage due to abuse (even though I was just removing the cap like I normally would).

Anyways i'm still waiting for a Razer response but don't expect much from this pretty awful company.

I'm experienced with soldering and was wondering if I could possibly replace this switch myself?

I'm also in contact with the seller of the keyboard trying to work something out.

Thank yall for the time!
Appreciate it
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  1. Bump anyone?
  2. Hey, sorry to hear you messed up your keyboard. The best way to fix this issue is to purchase a new key switch, however its hard to find authentic razer switches as they are only found when you buy the keyboard. I would recommend buying Cherry MX Blues, I think the they are very similar to the razer swtiches based on what I have heard. Here is a site where I buy MX blues, but Im sure there are other sites with better prices.
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