Problems with A7V and Tbird 900

Ok, first the jumperless setting gave me problems and I switched to jumpered mode. Now I finally got win2k up and running (after having problems with 98 and win2k in jumper free mode) and now when I play my favorite game (everquest) it occasionally power's off while I zone. When it power's off I've got to take the power cord out of the back of the power supply and put it back in. I check the processor heat afterwards and it's about 120 degrees Faranheidt. I'm starting to get frustrated, I spent a lot of money (for a college student) to buy the system and now I'm not sure I should've switched from my PII 350 :( . I know it might not be AMD's fault...but can any of you help me out here? what might be my problem?

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  1. Feel sorry for ya, I gave my A7V back and got KT7 (little better, but still VIA). Anyway, set bios to default, don’t over... anything, then run setup, I had W98, ME and W2k on it really fine on SCSI until I started to put my DeskStar on the A7V, it started to show its horns, so I took it back and said "no more monkey jumping on the bed"... hehe

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  2. I assume you have updated all of the driver for your MB & all other cards (but if you haven't do so) have a look in the forum for a guy called Shambler and send him a personal message , I know he had a similar problem and has solved it.

    Good Luck

    PS my A7V and 1gig athlon are happy as larry together...

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  3. Sounds like a power supply problem. Try replacing it and upgrading your CPU's Fan/HeatSink to something a little more capable.

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  4. What watt powersupply do you have?
    What video card do you have and what drivers?
    Does this problem occur any other time or just in that one game?

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  5. Here goes. I haven't updated the bios on the motherboard, I've downloaded that and will do it tonight. I've got a 250watt power supply and I understand that is the minimum that you should use on those, I will be buying a 400 watt AMD approved power supply tonight and replacing it. The problem with the unit powering down manifest's itself in the Everquest game most often, but that's the only time I really push the machine. I tried pushing it a little harder last night and it choked a bit (really slow, hanging), but I tried to restart and it didn't start back up. It seems that when it shuts down I've got to physically remove the power cord from the power supply and wait a few seconds and plug it back in to get it to work.

    I'm using a THERMALTAKE SOCKET A FAN TDUFR01 fan/heatsink for my processor, and I'm thinking of switching to the GLOBALWIN FOP32-1. I've got a Voodoo 5 card with the latest drivers 1.04.01 I think.

    Thanks for your interest in helping me solve my problem.

  6. 250W is not good. This is more than likely your problem, especially with a chip that fast.
    If you still have problems after you put in the 400W let us know.

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  7. I don't have the the a7v but do play alot of everquest. I have the abit KT7-RAID. I don't have have any problems like what you said. but If the temp is high then get a better heatsink & fan. Also use cooling compound for your cpu.

    I play the game in windows 98se. I would not use windows 2000 to play any games. Drivers have not matured yet. Also sounds like a network problem when you zone it loads alot info from the server so it could be a modem/networking problem.

  8. Daveb you need to set your tempeture threshold a little higher in the BIOS or upgrade your BIOS.

    I believe your BIOS is shutting your machine down to prevent it from overheating.

    I have seen this a few times recently on asus
  9. daveb, I think Fugger has the answer but a big power supply would be a good idea as well. Don't know if you need 400 watts. Here is a good article on power supplies. It is dated by the general info still applies.
  10. That was a great article, thanks for the link. Interestingly enough I was considering the Antec PP403X 400W Power Supply from compusa for 99.99. I did see some 300w power supply that was on AMD's reccomended list for 35.00 somewhere else in town made by Deer. I had assumed since I had a 900 and that Voodoo 5 (which sucks a lot of power) that the 400 would be better? You think the 300w one would be ok?
  11. When you say it powers off when you zone, what do you mean by "zone"?

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  12. In Everquest the term is zone. The world is made up of several "zones" which have their own geometry. What essentially happens is that when you zone, you request data about what is in the next zone from the servers and load some zone skins and models from your hard drive.
  13. Well, according to the article, one needs to concentrate on the individual voltage ratings, particularly +3.3, +5, and +12 volts. Most power supplies (300w) are able to handle typical +12 requirements but I have learned that the 3.3 Volt requirement is lacking in my AMD approved, 300w power supply. This is no fault of AMD's recommendation but simply the severe power requirements of my Geforce256. According to for the combination of Geforce plus Athlon a 20 amp rated 3.3 volt supply is recommended. (You may be in the same situation with your Voodoo5. I don't know). My supply is rated for only 14 amps on the 3.3 V leg which I think is typical for a 300w supply.

    At the advice of another reader at these forums (can't remember his name) I am looking at the Enermax EG-351 (which may have been replace by the PEG-351VE). This supply provides a peak of 30 amps on 3.3 volt line. This is more than enough reserve for me. I think it's about $55 plus shipping.

    I have found it very difficult to find discrete specs on PSU's so this is the one that I will probably buy. If you have access to the PSU's that you are considering just read the information on the top and you will know. You can probably purchase by reputation as well. Enermax, Fotron, Sparkle, and Antec all have good reps. A 350+ watt supply from these brands tend to have at least a 28 amp rating on the 3.3 volt line.

    On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable, 400 watts won't hurt but you still need to check the individual specs.

    You might want to ask for other opinions here at tomshardware and, again, don't blindly trust the overall rating.
  14. Well, I thought I'd give you guys an update. I went out and bought the 400 watt power supply and replaced it in my computer. I have not had ANY problems, and I didn't do anything else. I still plan on doing all the rest of the stuff, but I wanted to narrow it down to what was causing the problem. I'd have to say it was the power supply.

    Thanks guys

  15. Good, I'm glad that worked.
    Everyone should take note of this info and keep it in mind if anyone else is having problems of a similar nature.

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