S23A700DSL and S23A700D moniter

hi, what's the difference between samsung S23A700DSL and S23A700D moniter and which moniter is best.
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  1. Hi there,

    First difference between the 700D & 700DSL is contrast ratio, 700D spec "Mega DCR (Static 3000:1)" 700DSL "Mega DCR (Static 1000:1)" :ouch:

    Second difference is power consumption 700D spec "44W" 700DSL spec "39W" :o

    Third difference is standby power consumption 700D spec "1W" 700DSL spec "0.5W" :pt1cable:

    Fourth and final difference is the price 700D price "$379.99" 700DSL "$329.99" both these prices are from newegg.

    The Samsung S23A700D is the better monitor between the two

    Getting my Samsung S23A700D tomorrow woohoo :kaola:
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