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hi. I have an e-machine. I am very unhappy. It hasn't worked consistantly since I got it, and I just found out that even e-machines has no idea what their motherboards are. I was told that each batch is different. Maybe the tech made that up, but I really think that when they ran out of parts at the factory they just told their underpaid workers to go scrape the sidewalk and see what they could come up with.

Any way, one question. The machine says a 533i celeron. When I go into Control pannel/System/device manager/system devices there are 2 references to an intel 82443lx/EX pentium(r) II processor. Or processor bridge. Something about a bridge on one, and I didn't write down what the other was. I guess maybe they are communication lines to the motherboard. Does this sound right to anyone ? The motherboard (& many many other parts) are unknown to the operating system. somewhere else, it refered to the processor as a pentium II AGP, and also as a pentium II AAGP.

Does this mean anything to anybody ?

e-machines said this is all fine and dandy, that celeron and pentium are exactly the same thing, but then again, they don't really know exactly what's in the computer. I guess that's why they don't really have anything in the way of driver updates.

I'm sorry this is not put clearer. I'm a beginner. I know this is probably an impossible question, but I would like to try to keep it running a little longer. I do have to send it back to e-machines for the third time, but they will probly send it right back to me AGAIN, with all of it's same problems. It forgets where it's drivers are after a while, then the floppy and modem and sometimes the CD won't work, and it is a very confused and slow little machine. It doesn't have a virus. I spent 2 months making sure. After I reboot, and sometimes reboot/reformat, it works better for a few days or a week, but it is getting worse. After reading these community pages, it sounds like good drivers are missing between the hardware?

Does anyone have any good ideas what to do besides throwing it onto the highway ? The poor thing. Anyone know a US dept or anything that handles computer rip offs ?

Any relatively safe advice would be so appreciated.

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  1. well all those numbers dont mean [-peep-] to me, and probably to every one else too...anyway, have a look at the motherboard, it should be written somewhere on the board who made it and what model it is....tell us that and we might be able to help you. did you get a driver disk with the motherboard?? manuals?? if you have the manual that will tell you (in big letters on the front cover, no less)

    as for dealing with e-machines, get angry..the world moves for you when you get angry, trust me. the trick is stopping just short of threatening greivous bodily harm :)
  2. Solution: Get a new machine, or better, build your self one. You could use the memory, CPU, harddisk, and possibly CDROM and floppy drives as well. Buy a new case, motherboard for Intel CPU's and go to town and save yourself the frustration! You could do this update for probably under $200.00 and many people on the forum would help you with technical questions on building a PC and picking the components. If you do decide to go this route, don't buy from a local retailer, most carry the more generic motherboards and cheap ass cases with horrible power supplies in order to boost their profit. Get from the internet. I can give you several reputable vendors to choose from that have very good prices.
  3. You should format your hard disk and reinstall windows. Look on your motherboard to identify what make it is and go to their website and download the drivers. Then it should work fine.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">System spec.</A> Ideas appreciated.
  4. what version of windows are you using cos I had to setup a box similar to that for a company and Win98SE refused to work but first edition seemed fine , but if you can get your hands on it try win2k....

    UK Prices are <font color=red>toooooooooo</font color=red> high , keep competition going to bring em down :smile:
  5. Reinstall windows, and if at all possible get your hands on a clean version of Win98, if e-machines gave you a custom one. Dell for example supplies a version of win98 without all the drivers.

    You could upgrade the machine, but from the sounds of it you aren't ready, so I'd probably try this first.
  6. 82443lx/EX is the chipset, and that chipset is a pentium II chipset. your motherboard is capable of a P2 450 or celerons up to 750Mhz.

    I don't think the 800 celeron will work.

    You most likely have a Intel OEM desktop board.

    If you want to upgrade to P3 you will need this product:
  7. you could download Sisoft Sandra and run it ,it is pretty good at identifying motherboards etc. and many of the onboard chips, to get an idea of what motherboard drivers to update
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