Who has the longest continuously running system?

I'm always looking at the latest greatest components, but as I was setting another box up for SETI last night, I started wondering: who has the longest continuously running system (not between reboots which I've seen lots of stats for, which is a test of the OS, but just a system running 24/7 without a hardware failure)? Are Pentium 100's still being used day in and day out somewhere? Any 486's still on since they were new anywhere? How many <b>years</b> will a computer run before the chip or motherboard just gives out?
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  1. the commodore 64 at my parents place has been going strong for about 19 years now

    ok, it hasnt been running 24/7, but more like 12/7 for most of its life....and it hasnt skipped a beat, never had any probs with it, no compnents ever replaced. it had a mouse living in the keyboard at one stage, (true story, and got no static damage)...remember the entire motherboard was in the keyboard at that stage...still has the old tape drive...ahhh tape drives, fast forwarding to the part you wanted, then pressing play :)

    that C64 sure was built to last...oh yeah, we went through many joysticks, but then that was my fault :)
  2. I gave a P120 to a friend who's parents still use it, and a guy at work still uses his 486..... I have a 386 and a 486 but they are out of use ...


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  3. oh I almost forgot , a company I do some consultancy for still has 200 branches running 486 netware servers(compaq presario I think) and some 386 dos5 (about 1 or 2 per branch)client PC's but most of the clients are PIII 550's.....and they are not going to change this for at least 2 yrs....

    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  4. "becker" one of our email servers has been running continiously for 744 days now without reboot.

    My timex sinclair 1000 is 22 years old and still works fine.
    I ordered from a scientific american magazine for $99 + S&H as a "built a computer" kit. It came with 2 clam shells and a mobo with membrane keyboard attahed to it. snapped it together and I was done, built my first PC.
  5. We retired an IBM PS/1 486-33 not too long ago. It was running 24/7, doing simple data collection with Win98/ProComm and a 14.4 external modem. 410MB HD, which was possibly a hardware upgrade, but otherwise stock.

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  6. One of the Toms' Hardware Guide 12 web-servers has an uptime of 206 days (last reboot for OS upgrade)
    . AMD Athlon 700 on a ASUS K7M, 384 MB RAM. One of the very first.

    Our email server is up 382 days, that's a good old PentiumPro machine :smile: . This one is working without touching it for about 4 1/2 years now.

    OS for all machines is FreeBSD. I guess that gives them some kind of an advantage above all Windows systems, eh?

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  7. My Amiga 4000 is 8 years old (model 1993) and still running.

    My VIC-20 should still be working, but it was a long time since
    I use it for the last time. I should give it a try one of these day!


    ->My english may be not so good, but you havent see my japanese!!!!
  8. My P-200MMX has been running 24/7 since the day I bought it except for power outages.

    Asus m/b (forget which)
    Quantum fireball drives
    Panasonic cd-rom (24x)
    ATI Rage pro (4MB)
    SB AWE64
    no name case and p/s
    crappy 15" screen - don't know which tube
    ohhh - I replaced the heat sink fan once because it wasn't working. I don't know how long it wasn't working for, I just opened up the case one day and noticed it wsan't spinning.

    I've had 2 hard drives, one power supply, and one 32MB PC66 stick go bad on me in all my life.

    BTW: I've got a Dell 486-100 laptop which runs 24/7 now as a print server as the screen is dead. It'll do a SETI workunit in about 170hrs using 3.0.0 It'll probably take it 250hrs using 3.0.3

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  9. I run Win98se and up popped a little window that said I had been running my Comp for 27 days and that windows could not believe this. should have taken a picture. I don't remember exactaly which window popped up seems like it Had the ! mark in the corner.
  10. The P-100 at work has been going strong 24/7 for about 5 years, now. The 14" monitor has been replaced in that time, but the system just keeps on chuggin. Used daily for Lotus 1-2-3 and Quickbooks Pro. Never needs a reboot, only reboots during power outage. Win 95 OS. Ah, the good old days......

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  11. I have laserprinter LaserJet II+ since 1991 and still working. Of cource it has plenty of limitations, but it's still usable and frequently used for printing plain text. It has been in cleaning and maintenance 3-4 times, but never failed to work ;)

    We had also Pentium133 with Free-BSD working as e-mail server for 4 years, we had to move it about 2-3 times and that's when it was down. Now it will be replaced with HP server (Pentium III 800), and I'm sure, It will last another 4-5 years.

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  12. You all might think this crazy but I been useing my computer to heat my room amd athlon 700 classic. 100 day My room is cold I use my stario and computer to heat it all at 75f all the time time. I never turn off any of them and they dont lock up. I m a crazy indain so be be it. Blood and bloody ashes. My room running at 75f all the time LOL. Oh for got my My stearo is 400 watts. I fried 6 stareos and dumb car alarms I will fry up to 1500 watts around me if it mess my sleep. Last thing I mess up was a porsha crappy car it had 500 watts I just use my dad cb radio and my radio. And the dick head had to replaace the radio 5 times. I hate porshas. [-peep-] assholes
  13. At Home I've running an AMD Athlon classic 600@630Mhz, it runs 24/7 since 1999/12, Linux uptime is something over 6 Months (last reboot was due a power loss). It's a self-assembled System: Asus K7V, HD IBM 8GB + 13GB, Matrox G200.
    (about to update)

    Btw, my oldest piece of HW is a Commodore pocket calculator, bought around 1973. Functions are +-*/ and sqrt(), the original bill was something like 350$. Whenever somebody complains about the modern tricky hardware - I hand this over :-)

  14. Our company still has 286s, 386s and 486s that have been running about 24/7 as testers. Some have been running for 10 years. We have recently started to upgrade everything to 486 or lowend pents.
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