Logitech G500 software doesn't work.

Logitech Setpoint does not detect my Logitech G500. I know that is is a hugely common problem with the piece of *** Setpoint program Logitech uses. Is there anyway to get this thing to work?

Also, does anyone know what the 3 default DPI settings the G500 comes with out of the box?
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  1. Which Setpoint are you using? there's a disk that the mouse comes with that has a specific version of the Set Point client meant for the Logitech G500 and G9 mice. If you downloaded Set Point off the website then it might not work.
  2. Hmm, I had the exact opposite experience than nin-ha. I had many problems when installing setpoint from disc, especially when it came to updates and the like. Every time I started setpoint I had to re-associate my mouse to the software. My recommendation is to uninstall setpoint completely, then visit logitech support >> http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support Follow the instructions in option 4 or download the auto-detect function in option 1. Then install the latest version for your mouse. Good luck.
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