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T-Bird 800 Won't Go Thru Widows Boot

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February 9, 2001 10:37:57 AM

Just bought an Athlon TBird 800 fitted with jetway 663AS motherboard. The problem is that when I use the old hard drive (2 GB) it will just freeze at Windows Loading Splash Screen. Then when I tried connecting only the floppy disk to see if it will boot it pops the message DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT BOOT DISK .... Man that was the boot disk, I tried it again on my old computer and it booted from the disk!
Can anyone give me an idea? Might be that my board setting is wrong. I didn't change anything at the cmos.
Oh yeah i kinda noticed that the temperature gradually keeps going up slowly from the start of 30 degrees to 47 degrees in a matter of around 10 minutes and still keeps going up. Has it got something to do with my heatsink? it felt tightly fitted on the CPU....

You're positive and quick response is highly appreciated....

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February 9, 2001 11:22:36 AM

check the boot sequence in teh BIOS to ensure you are actually looking for a floppy boot. What version of windows are oyu using , are you using the a windows setup that was done on the athlon? try booting into the command prompt only instead of into windoze.... post your full hardware / software list and we may be able to help further....


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February 9, 2001 11:30:50 AM

Check that you are using the correct voltage.
Check that you are using the correct bus speed.

If its automatically selected, check in the bios that all settings are correct.

Are you using a decent Heatsink?

Are you using thermal compound between the CPU and the Heatsink?

Does the Case itself have adequate Air flow?

What Version of Windows are you using?
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February 9, 2001 11:58:34 AM

Here is my complete hardware specs:

Athlon 800
Jetway 663AS Motherboard
250 Watts Full tower ATX Case
Geforce 2 mx 32 MB Card 4x
1.44 FDD Panasonic
50x A-Open CD Rom Drive
128MB A.M.1 SDRam
SB AWE 32 Sound Card
2.1 GB HDD SEagate Medalist
Windows 98 1st Edition

Yes it is set at FDD/HDD/CDROM Boot Sequence... I even turned the on board audio off. I had the heat sink installed (Taiwan made from the way it looks) by the store so they can stick a warranty sticker signifying that they were the one who installed the HSF not me (They have this policy of not accepting burned t-bird/duron, I just wanna be sure i got the leverage)

Hope that helped. Am starting to wonder if the motherboard needs replacement.... could it be so? What is ht eideal operating temp. of a t-bird?

Someone told me i should have gotten the duron 800 instead because athlons are problematic and sensitive. I just want to have performance and at the same time is only $18 more expensive than a celeron 700 (Intel if full of craps and B/S).. How true is that?

Hope you guys have the answer i need...
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February 9, 2001 12:21:35 PM

rset the bios settings to facory STD ,I have known them to be screwed at purchase before , then ensure the default for teh memory timing is 100 not 133 cos this can sometimes cause problems, a new VIA 4in1 driver is out so install that. also Jetway's website seems will have some BIOS updates so it may well be worth using them ......
you didn't answer about when 98 was installed , was it on this CPU and MB or your old on ?


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February 9, 2001 12:32:31 PM

Is the floppy-boot working yet?

The Lock-Up during windows startup could be because of so many things. Try starting windows in safemode (press F8 during boot, when it just displays the hardware details and says starting windows 98, then choose safemode from the menu).

If you can get into windows in safemode, it may be possible to change some of the settings to boot in normal mode. But It would be better if you just backup everything you need and then, format you harddrive and reinstall windows.

There is a routine with Microsoft Windows (Except NT and 2000). You have to re-boot every two hours and re-install every two months.

Anyway, also get all the patches and latest drivers you may need.

If your concerned about the CPU Temperature, get some thermal paste to put between your CPU and the heatsink. This can reduce the temperature by 6-7 degrees. Ideal temperature for the T-Bird is difficult to tell, but anything below 50 degrees will do. I suppose if it goes a little over that I wouldn't be too worried for the short term, but would consider buying a new better heatsink sometime.

You say you wanted performance, so you made the right choice with AMD. You would've been crying if you baught the celeron, trust me (performance wise anyway).
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February 9, 2001 12:50:37 PM

First thing... the win98 was installed from my old P166 cpu.. Secondly I can't get to boot at my 1.44 FDD though the connections are fine. Haven't tried pressing the F8 yet. I better go to the website maybe a flash will solve everything.. keeping my fingers crossed though.

But i hioe that won't stop you guys from responding to my post.. maybe anybody else have the same problem and manage to get thru somehow... let me know... =)
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February 9, 2001 1:01:51 PM

good chance the reason windows won't boot is cos of the hardware change it doesn't like havin it MB/CPU swapped, the floppy is a different matter , if you press F8 during boot and go to command prompt only you should be able to reinstall windoze from you HDD(if yoiu haven't copied the CD to disk drop your 166 back to gether to do so). check the bios for boot floppy seek being set to yes and the type of floppy , and make sure the bios is recognising the floppy (have seen them completely ignore em before)

Good luck and keep us posted


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February 9, 2001 1:14:03 PM

Try changing the boot sequence to boot from CD-ROM, and see if that works. If it doesn't, I personally would just say screw it and send that motherboard (I've never even heard of Jetway!) back and get a name brand motherboard from Asus or Abit. This would probably solve your problems the fastest.

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February 9, 2001 4:06:56 PM

What I love is when a distributor will RMA a bad AMD and put it back on the shelf for resale. =)

Best to change motherboards to determin the caulty part faster. other than that keep guessing.
February 9, 2001 6:19:01 PM

<b>Secondly I can't get to boot at my 1.44 FDD though the connections are fine.</b>
Your floppy cable probably plugged in backward if the floppy light stays on all the time (Try to reverse the cable's orientation).
If the light hasn't turned on when you boot from floppy maybe its power connector is backward.
February 9, 2001 6:28:52 PM

<b>The problem is that when I use the old hard drive (2 GB) it will just freeze at Windows Loading Splash Screen.</b>
I found that by renaming the 2 files Drvwppqt.vxd and Drvwq117.vxd in directory WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS (they are virtual device drivers of Seagate's tape backup) helps to resolve hang up when booting Windows (only if you don't have old tape in your comp).
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February 9, 2001 7:11:57 PM

Maybe your problem is that the power supply has not enough wattage for the two HD.

The mobo doesn't look a very good one.

I also think that you should check the floppy disk connections.

I would not buy anything from a shop which does not allow you to see what you have bought.

Maybe if you removed the heatsink you could find a T-Bird 700...

It's very logical that Windows doesn't work properly, just start in safe mode, execute regedit.exe, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and delete the Enum key, then restart and Windows 98 will detect all the devices. Just make sure you have a copy of the Windows 98 CD on one of the hard disks, I would try to use the Pentium 166 to copy it to the HD and then place it back into the T-Bird. After that install the VIA 4 in 1.
February 9, 2001 9:43:10 PM

Good lord you are trying to set this up from a hard drive that was configured for a p166? No wonder you are having problems. With this in mind there could be alot of issues. you should always run a clean install when changing motherboards, expecially when goiong from an intell chipset to a via have managed to give your computer one giant brain fart. You need to reformat, better yet, get a new hard drive that 2 gigger you have is way outdated and will slow you down considerably. Your Floppy problems are another matter, make sure that you have the cables connected the right way and not backwards. When you power on does the floppy light stay lit all the time? If so you have the cables connected backwards. If bios searches for the floppy and finds it then the light will come on for about 10 seconds then go off.

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February 10, 2001 10:28:43 PM

The floppy is fine. It blinks normally the way it should. If I can't boot from a floppy.... i can't re-install at all.... Anyways m planning to take it back today to see whats wrong.... hope that its not a cmos setting cause i'll kill myself for it. =)

And yeah if they give me a chance i'll exchange the board....
February 10, 2001 10:59:10 PM

Well load setup defaults. Also, have you tried to boot imto safe mode? And last but not least you need at least a 300 w power supply for that rig.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
February 11, 2001 1:26:10 AM

Yeah, even if you get everything to work you still need to get a 300watt PS or you'll start to notice other wierd errors. Check the AMD website for recomended power supplies (try Enermax or Sparkle and stay away from Deer).