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I'm looking for a new monitor, preferably 22-24 inches, and 1080P. It's main use will be for light gaming and multitasking.

I want to spend under $150, so what is my best bet?

Also will the Intel HD 3000 be good enough for multitasking while i wait for a deal on a GPU?
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  1. In general, Asus makes pretty good budget oriented monitors. The Asus VE228H 21.5" has some pretty good user reviews and $135 after rebate + shipping.

    There's also the 23" ASUS VH232H for $145 after rebate + shipping.

    As long as you do not plan on playing games, the Intel HD 3000 integrated graphic core is fine for multitasking. Multitasking is dependent on the CPU core, not the GPU core.
  2. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of a Fry's Electronics store this is a great deal (in store only):

    MVA panel that's still fast enough for light gaming and has better color and blacks than a TN. For $145 24" monitor its hard to beat.

    If not the choices Jaguar linked are good.
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