Help me choose: Asus A42JV or Toshiba L640

Hi Guys, I am a bit confused which of the two I will buy soon. I am an average PC gamer so I choose between these two.

Asus A42JV -- (26900 TWD / 840 USD)
Core i5 460M
NVidia GT335M 1GB DDR3

Toshiba L640 -- (23800 TWD / 743 USD)
Core i3 370
ATI 5650 1GB DDR3

1. ATI 5650 supports DirectX 11, GT335 only DirectX 10.x. Can I play new games with DirectX 11 if I have GT335?

2. Core i3 has no turbo-boost compared to core i5. Is it worth the extra 100 USD for the Asus?

3. Brand talk, which do you prefer? Asus or Toshiba?

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    1)No,you can play DX11 games but you can't use this feature
    3)Both are good,but i would go with the Toshiba one because of having a notably faster VGA.
  2. Thanks Maziar. I am also thinking of waiting for the Sandy Bridge platform coming soon hopefully early next year. Might be worth the wait. But I am not sure about the price. Besides, the Nehalem platform probably will drop prices during the release of Sandy Bridge.
  3. If you need a laptop right now,then buy it :)
    If you wait,you can't every buy anything.
  4. 2nd one is better overall, but 1st one is better if you are not much conscious about gaming.
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