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i am looking to by a laptop but some of the games that i would like to play on it say that i need pixel shader 2.0. so what laptop should i buy that would allow me to play these games
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  1. Actually, you want a laptop that can handle SM (Shader Model) 3.0 which was introduced back around 2004 / 2005.

    I don't know what your budget is, the size you want or anything like that... But on the low end you want at least a laptop with an AMD/ATI HD 5470 or nVidia GeForce 310M. The higher those numbers, the better the performance.

    nVidia cards are kinda like a minefield cause there are also GT, GTS and GTX models. But generally speaking each models offers better performance. I would probably avoid a GT 130M though. AMD/ATI is generally easier, the higher the better, I am excluding older generations to reduce confusion like the 4xxx and 3xxx series.
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