ASUS VW246H or Asus VE248H

Good Morning,

First off thanks for taking the time to read this as I know this is a subject that has probably been beaten to death. After doing research of 24 inch monitors for past few days, I am down to these 2 monitors. I will be making a purchase today and would like some last minute feedback.

I am primarily using the monitor for Gaming - I play EVE, BF3 ,WOW and of course surfing the net,youtube videos or whatever.

So in your opinions which is a better monitor ? If you know of a better monitor please let me know my price limit is $250

Thanks for your feedback and time it is always appreciated here !
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  1. I would probably go with the newer Asus VE248H because it is cheaper (with the rebate) and it consumes less power) because it uses LED backlight instead of florescent backlight. The specs are more or less the same the VW246H. The ASCR 10,000,000 :1 (dynamic contrast ratio) is actually BS and I would just ignore it. I find dynamic contrast ratio to be very annoying and I switch it off on my HDTV and my Asus VK246H.

    The Asus VK246H is the "sister" to the VW246H; the only difference is the built-in webcam. You can click the following link for my review of the VK246H to get a sense of how the VW246H will perform; it's the 3rd post.
  2. For gaming, I would go with the U2312HM. It can be found for $206.62 + free shipping on Amazon atm. It has an incredibly low input lag.
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