My pc want install windows 7 it says the device driver need to access your hard

my pc want install windows 7 after someone acidently deleted a file im trying to use the windows 7 installation disk because my pc was messed up while trying to boot from cd disk drive it loads the files but want expand and says files corrupt or missing code error 0x80070017 try it the same way but at the install portion area it formated it in the right place and then it says the device driver need to access your hard drive is not found so what to do to get the driver so it will access my hard drive so windows will install??
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  1. Hello... go into the BIO's and look at what your Sata port communications is set to?...ACHI or IDE or Raid?
  2. Set your SATA ports in the BIOS to IDE.


    Read your motherboard manual cover to cover at least once, and ideally twice (should take no more than 40 minutes) and it will explain the specific process for your system.

    Noting that AHCI is much faster than IDE in Vista and Win7.
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